Truly Israeli

Mayor’s Message

Haifa is a very unique and special city and I am proud to serve as its Mayor as well as the chairman of the Haifa Foundation. It is the most multi-cultural city in Israel with the biggest commitment to tolerance and harmony between the many sectors that live here. Our city is a model to Israel and the Middle East of how people of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds – native and immigrant, religious and secular – can live together, each according dignity and respect to the other. Long before I was the mayor, I was a resident of the city. I was born and raised here. The city is very dear to me and I want to make it the best city for all of its residents.

Unfortunately, the municipal funds do not always stretch to meet the needs of all of the people of Haifa. That is where the Haifa Foundation comes in. Through our many friends from around the world we have been able to carry out a multitude of projects in all areas of life in the city. We have built playgrounds and public parks. We have supported theater and music programs. We have provided a safe place for youth at risk. We have built libraries and science labs. We have introduced special programs in our schools and kindergartens. We have enabled the elderly and the disabled to live in dignity. But there is still much more to do. You will find a sample of the work we want to achieve as well as what we have already accomplished on this website. There is something for every interest.

But when I ask you to support us, I am not asking for you to send your money and walk away. We want our donors to be a part of our city. Come and visit us. See what your funding has helped us to accomplish. Meet the people who benefit from your gifts. See what living together in harmony looks like. Be a part of making that dream thrive and grow.

Yona Yahav
Mayor of Haifa