About us


The Haifa Israel Foundation has been operating since 1983 by citizens of Haifa, volunteers, and public representatives. Their goal was to enhance the quality of life in the community, develop initiatives and local activities that hold ethical and educational value, and perpetuate the heritage of Haifa’s residents for generations to come.

The Haifa Israel Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, and all its activities are for the benefit of Haifa residents. In recent years, its operations have expanded throughout Israel, facing national challenges. The Foundation initiates and establishes cultural enterprises, social centers, educational institutions, health centers, sports and physical education, scientific endeavors, literature, and more in Haifa. Additionally, the Foundation conducts welfare and aid activities for those in need.


The To date, the Foundation has managed activities totaling over a hundreds million dollars. All funding for the Foundation comes from contributions mainly from foundations and donors worldwide, particularly from Israel, the United States, and Canada.

The Foundation operates under strict guidelines and the rigorous conditions governing philanthropic fund management. The Foundation’s management is overseen by an executive board, with decisions made through general assemblies. Financial matters and economic operations are monitored by an audit committee, overseeing all tenders through a bidding committee.
The human capital comprising the Foundation consists of business people, economic entrepreneurs, and social activists, the majority of whom are residents of Haifa. Their vision is to develop the city of Haifa and its surrounding areas.
Join us to construct a more positive society forge a brighter future