Truly Israeli


The Haifa Foundation is a public, not for profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of the residents of Haifa.

The city of Haifa is Israel’s third largest city, a bustling port, renowned for its unique blend of cultures and communities from all ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and creeds. The city endorses a wide range of ventures to support and engage with our multi-cultural population, to improve the inter-faith and cultural dialogue among the varied peoples of the city. Haifa is also a hub for learning and advancement, home not only to the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, but to a thriving hi-tech industry that has attracted many global companies such as Google, Intel and Microsoft.

The Haifa Foundation has been working on behalf of Haifa and its residents for more than 35 years, leaving its mark on numerous projects which have become part of the city’s vibrant urban landscape. These projects are diverse and essential areas of focus to capture every interest: shared-existence, urban renewal and city beautification, culture, youth and education, woman empowerment and leadership, special needs programs, technology, personal development and memorial projects.

We have created playgrounds, renovated school science labs, supported programs to bring Arabs and Jews together, collaborated with the Clore Foundation to build the Clore Community Center serving the local Arab population, provided support to new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, established libraries, built a hostel for holocaust survivors and more.

The presence of The Haifa Foundation makes it possible for the City of Haifa to be a welcoming and embracing place. We invite you to be part of that welcome embrace.