Truly Israeli

Executive Director’s Message

Dear Friends & Partners

Welcome to the web site of the Haifa Foundation, a public, non-profit charitable organization (est. 1983) serving Israel’s third largest city. Its mission is to advance educational, cultural, coexistence, community and environmental projects and to improve the quality of life for all of Haifa’s residents.

Among its many projects, the Foundation has been involved in the construction of libraries, afternoon and learning centers, playgrounds, education facilities for the handicapped, renovation of the Haifa Zoo, renovation of the Haifa Theater, renovation of the Templar Common House at the German colony, high school technological labs, open-air fitness facilities, daycare centers for the elderly, and commemoration sites.

Haifa is truly Israeli in that it is a city of connections: Arab/Jewish, land/sea, religious/secular, hi-tech/low tech, urban hub/green nature not to mention new immigrants and veteran residents. Haifa is thoroughly Israeli not only because it embodies all that is crucial to the existence of any city, but particularly because it represents the components that are integral to the success of an Israeli city: low- and high-tech industries, world renowned universities, a real Arab-Jewish coexistence, a gate (harbor) to the world, vibrant cultural life and an environment where owe inspiring nature and urban energy are interwoven.

We invite you to learn about the many ways you could become an integral part of our exciting development.

Enjoy your visit to our site.

Haifa Foundation team