Truly Israeli

Our Achievements

In the years since we have begun to create and support projects throughout the city in a wide variety of areas we have made a significant difference in the lives of the residents of the city. Our achievements include projects in Youth & Education, Community Services, Immigrant Absorption, Culture & Sport, Arab-Jewish Coexistence, and Urban Renewal and Beautification. We are proud to share some of our accomplishments with you.

Youth and Education

The youth are our future and they need to be given every opportunity to thrive. For young children the Haifa Foundation built learning and diagnostic centers to identify those preschool students with learning disabilities and provide them with the support needed to succeed. We funded  day care centers for children at risk in a number of neighborhoods providing Haifa’s neediest youngsters with a warm second home. As these youngsters move on to school, the Haifa Foundation is there to provide library resource centers in schools and community centers . Furthermore, our university scholarship fund has made it possible for over 600 local students to receive higher education.

Immigrant Absorption

Since the start of mass immigration to Israel from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union in the 90’s, the Haifa Foundation has played a major role in assisting the city’s absorption of tens of thousands of newcomers. Amharic and Russian speaking immigrants and their children account for approximately 15% of Haifa’s current inhabitants. The Haifa Foundation has established a variety of neighborhood-based educational, community, cultural and coexistence projects made available through community centers, local schools, and daycare centers for children and the elderly.

Community Services
The Haifa Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the weakest populations of the city including young women at risk, holocaust survivors, the elderly and the poor. We created a “Warm House” for young women at risk where they can receive help with their homework, job training, a hot meal and some love and attention. Renovating the hostel for holocaust survivors insure that these special residents of the city can live in respect. Two day centers for the elderly provide daily physical and occupational therapy, crafts and music workshops, and hot meals to 200 elderly a day and deliver an additional 720 meals daily.

Culture & Sport
The Haifa Foundation believes in the importance of  leisure activities for residents of all ages and  visitors alike. To this end we  have established  kindergarten enrichment centers, cultural and sports centers providing an opportunity for all to engage in music, art, the performing arts and sport to develop their bodies as well as their minds.

Urban Renewal and Beautification
The Haifa Foundation has constructed dozens of playgroundsparks,gardens ,scenic outlooks, promenades, landscaped traffic circlespublic benches  and last but not least helped renovate the Haifa Educational Zoo. 

Jewish-Arab Shared Existence
One of  the  Foundation’s  highest priorities is to foster positive interaction between the city’s residents in order to contribute to the overall peaceful atmosphere in Haifa. Three community centers in mixed neighborhoods enable local residents to  interact and create meaningful shared-society programs. The Arabic library and theater at the Beit Ha’Gefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Community  Center, is a key focus of shared cultural activity in the city.