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“The Women’s Courtyard”, in Haifa

  “The Women’s Courtyard”, in Haifa The Women’s Courtyard is a multi-cultural communal facility for girls and young women aged 13-25. The Courtyard strives towards equal opportunities for all and for the right of every woman and girl to achieve self-fulfilment according to her wishes, aspirations and needs, regardless of class, gender, national or […]

The 2016 fire: repair and renewal

On November 24, 2016, Haifa suffered a tremendous blow when it endured the third catastrophe in a decade. After the 2006 Second Lebanon War that paralyzed the city for long days and Hezbollah’s missile destroyed homes and after the residents of Haifa finished licking their wounds from the Carmel disaster in 2010, we needed to […]

The German connection

Among Israeli cities, Haifa has the largest number of sister cities in Germany: Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Bremen, Mainz and Erfurt. In October 2017, the Haifa Foundation launched in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany, the first ever ‘Haifa Business Club.’ In fact, no other city in Israel has a club that carries its name in Germany. The […]

Overcoming language barriers

Language serves as a bridge among people; it furthers understanding and acceptance of each side and allows for a constant and constructive dialogue. Learning Arabic is important on national, local and individual levels. Learning spoken Arabic will give Jewish students in Haifa an advantage: on the one hand, it will allow them to better understand […]

Pushing the boundaries: disability and inclusion

We copied the headline above from our friend, Ms. Linda Kislowicz, President & CEO of the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA. In her blog dated September 13, 2017, she writes about the need to “explore the issues facing physically and developmentally challenged individuals in the Jewish Community.” ‘Pushing the Boundaries: Disability, Inclusion and Jewish […]

The Ofakim School: Empowerment & Inclusion for Handicapped Children

The Ofakim (Horizons) School provides high quality education for 90 severely handicapped children and young adults, age 7-21. The school utilizes the educational standards used by Israel’s Ministry of Education, including passing the matriculation exams and preparing the students for the adult world. Ofakim’s mission is to educate the students to be autonomous, self-directed adults […]

Jewish Identity in Haifa

In our last Newsletter, we shared with you our dream to build a center for Jewish identity in Haifa. The rationale behind this dream lied in the fact that in recent years it has become clear that most Israelis have little to no exposure to their Jewish cultural heritage and to its values – respect […]

The Clore Community Center in Hallisa is open!

Halissa is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Haifa. Most of its 4000 residents are of Arab descent, both Muslim and Christian, as well as new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. The infrastructure of the neighborhood is severely neglected and it is in a very deteriorated state. This rundown atmosphere combined with […]

#TEENTECH Hackathon

Haifa Teentech , an annual event, exposes young technological entrepreneurs to the advantages of the State of Israel and of the city of Haifa as a scientific and technological world center. Young, willing, highly motivated boys and girls that have “what it takes” to confront cutting edge digital technology, take part in this endeavor. The participants  […]