Truly Israeli

Arab-Jewish Coexistence

Overcoming language barriers

Language serves as a bridge among people; it furthers understanding and acceptance of each side and allows for a constant and constructive dialogue. Learning Arabic is important on national, local and individual levels. Learning spoken Arabic will give Jewish students in Haifa an advantage: on the one hand, it will allow them to better understand […]

The Clore Community Center in Hallisa is open!

Halissa is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Haifa. Most of its 4000 residents are of Arab descent, both Muslim and Christian, as well as new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. The infrastructure of the neighborhood is severely neglected and it is in a very deteriorated state. This rundown atmosphere combined with […]

Arabic Theater at Beit Hagefen

Elcarmeh Theater at Beit Hagefen Jewish Arab Cultural Center is the oldest professional Arabic theater in Israel and the only Arabic theater for children. They have a wide repertoire of plays both major productions in house and small productions that they take on the road. Elcarmeh has a deep commitment to community and takes its […]

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s needs and issues are often ignored in society. This can lead to inequality in the workplace, violence against women, legistlation that ignores their needs. Isha L’Isha is the oldest grassroots organization in Israel dealing with women’s issues. They run a wide range of programs and support groups to educate women and help them develop […]

Achva Sports Club

Achva Haifa Club was founded 55 years ago as a place for Jewish and Arab kids to experience an example of active co-existence. Today some 700 youngsters, from age 3 to adulthood, participate together in sports according to their age group. They pay basketball and soccer, learn karate and boxing, and together achieve great heights […]

Orchestras, Ensembles and Choirs at the Samuel Rubin Conservatory

The Samuel Rubin conservatory was founded in 1949 by Dr. Tzwi Rotenberg, a person of great vision and foresight, who managed to gather around himself a nucleus of professional classical music teachers, mostly Holocaust survivors, devoted to promoting musical education to the younger generation. As time went by, the conservatory grew larger, opened new programs […]

Language as a Cultural Bridge

Language is many things. It is the basis of interaction and communication; it serves as a bridge among people; it furthers understanding and acceptance of one another; it is the key to understanding another’s culture; it is power in the marketplace. Yet despite the fact that Arabic is one of the country’s two official languages […]