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Developing an Early Childhood Robotics Program at the Mada Kat

In today’s world, developing a love of science and technology is critical for success in school and in many future careers. The earlier that youngsters are introduced to the world of scientific experimentation, the more likely they are to enjoy and succeed in these fields in the future. Scientific exploration and investigation come naturally to […]

Language as a Cultural Bridge

Language is many things. It is the basis of interaction and communication; it serves as a bridge among people; it furthers understanding and acceptance of one another; it is the key to understanding another’s culture; it is power in the marketplace. Yet despite the fact that Arabic is one of the country’s two official languages […]

Integrating Special Needs Teens to Youth Centers

As teens enter puberty, they are in need of activities that enable them to develop into adulthood such as transition from dependence to independence, personal growth, sexual development, networking interpersonal and communication with the world, developing their image and self-esteem, engaging in personal identity, family and others. The 360° Youth Centers have been established across […]

Caring for Young Women at Risk

In seeking to address the most critical needs of the city, we have identified young women at risk as one of the most urgent priorities. Young women or girls at risk are identified as those that come from a background of neglect or abuse, and are at risk of dropping out of school, getting involved […]

Renewing the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum’s exhibitions reflect 5000 years of maritime history. Its collection is one of the largest archaeological collections in Israel. Its vast, interesting holdings have made it one of the most popular museums in Northern Israel. The Museum is housed in a handsome building built in 1972. But after forty years of intense […]