Truly Israeli

Urban Renewal and Beautification

The 2016 fire: repair and renewal

On November 24, 2016, Haifa suffered a tremendous blow when it endured the third catastrophe in a decade. After the 2006 Second Lebanon War that paralyzed the city for long days and Hezbollah’s missile destroyed homes and after the residents of Haifa finished licking their wounds from the Carmel disaster in 2010, we needed to […]

Pushing the boundaries: disability and inclusion

We copied the headline above from our friend, Ms. Linda Kislowicz, President & CEO of the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA. In her blog dated September 13, 2017, she writes about the need to “explore the issues facing physically and developmentally challenged individuals in the Jewish Community.” ‘Pushing the Boundaries: Disability, Inclusion and Jewish […]

Energy Efficient Lighting

In the City of Haifa there are some 33,000 light fixtures of various types – directional signs, street lights, etc. We intend to replace 25,000 fixtures in the city, to connect the lighting to the “Smart City” model and to install solar lighting in 300 spots in the city.

Waste Management

Every day in the city of Haifa 500 tons of garbage are collected and taken to the Mishor Rotem landfill in the Negev, a distance of about 300 kilometers, which is a heavy cost burden for waste disposal. In addition the large number of heavy trucks that are used to transport the waste generate a […]