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Center for Families of Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are exactly that. They need extra attention, extra time, extra training, extra care. One mother summed it up by saying “raising my child is like raising 70 regular children.” In addition to caring for their special needs child, they must deal with all of the regular pressures of raising a family – work, caring for the house and more. These parents face a higher risk of burnout both mentally and physically.

In the best case scenario, special needs youngsters receive a lot of extras from the government to help them function in society. Some programs even address the needs of the parents who have the extra burden, helping them to cope with it.

However, it is often the siblings who must pay the price for the extras that the special needs child requires. Later in life, as parents age, it is often these very siblings who are left to care for those with special needs, yet usually they are kept away from the care plan and execution to make life easier for them. But no matter how much they are shielded, their lives are irreconcilably changed from being a part of this family.

Together with Ellwyn, one of the leaders of the field in providing resources for special needs children, we seek to establish a center that will answer the entire family’s needs.