Truly Israeli
גינה קהילתית

Communities Build Gardens; Gardens Build Communities

Haifa, like most cities, contains street after street of buildings without much green in between. Many neighborhoods are characterized by large families living in small apartments. Green spaces are needed to give residents a break from their enclosed places. At the same time, these same residents have little interaction with one another and have no sense of community.

Community gardens provide an answer to these social and environmental issues. These gardens provide a meeting place for like-minded individuals who are committed to the idea of growing plants for beauty and for nutrition. Following the success of working together on the community garden to make sure that the area is well maintained and being used properly by local residents, we have witnessed the emergence of community action around other common goals and issues such as cultural programs, cleanliness of the neighborhood, proper maintenance of the infrastructure, etc. A true sense of community emerges. The residents take responsibility for the quality of life in their neighborhood and affect the design and use of urban public spaces. Apart from a number of common principles, each community garden is actually a unique and exclusive model. The garden reflects the conditions, needs, desires and nature of the community that fosters it.