Truly Israeli
בית ספר רעות

Community Center for the Promotion of Jewish Cultural Values, At the Reut Six Year School for the Arts

Our Vision is to build a unique Community Center which will integrate the arts from the areas of drawing, music, dance, theater, and use advanced technology within education for creativity and creations, promote the inter-generational connection, advance healthy life styles and advance international projects for the benefit of the residents of the City of Haifa.

This project will be managed under the umbrella of the Reut six year School for the Arts. Reut Regional School for the Arts is the only one of its kind in the City of Haifa and it is the leader in the area in its field. Graduates of the school have grown to be ground breaking artists in culture as well as leaders throughout the country and in the world in the areas of society, science and technology. The school is designed for students with artistic-creative skills.

The establishment of the first center in Israel and in the world will foster Israeli inter-generational/cultural leadership for global civil social responsibility. The center will focus on fostering the values of Jewish culture, Israeli identity and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) with an emphasis on launching artistic-creative work. The center will be supported by the organizations, civic and public institutions, academic institutions and businesses.