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Newsletter #4 – Rosh Hashanah Autumn Newsletter 2018


Dear Friends,

As the Jewish New Year approaches we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for a happy, healthy and prosperous year for you and your families.

The New Year is a time for reflecting on the past year as well as being a time for embarking upon new beginnings.

The Haifa Foundation has been working on behalf of Haifa and its residents for more than 35 years, leaving its mark on numerous projects, many of which have become part of the city’s vibrant urban landscape. We envisage a Haifa that is pluralistic, lively and flourishing and through our endeavors we strive to achieve this goal.
The city of Haifa is Israel’s third largest city and is renowned for its unique blend of Jewish and Arab cultures and communities. The city endorses a wide range of ventures to support and engage with our multi-cultural population, to improve the inter-faith and cultural dialogue among the varied peoples of the city.

We at the Haifa Foundation are excited about the projects and initiatives that were completed during the past year, such as the popular Skate Park and Cycle Pump Track in the Hecht Park, and the beautiful Clore Center in the Halissa neighborhood which opened in January 2018 and the renovation of the Sportech Recreation Park. In the coming year we have several innovative projects in the field of education, community based programs, sport and leisure, that we intend to undertake during the course of the year.

Furthermore, business and technology are catalysts for improving the quality of life in any city and with an eye to the future we are partners with Haifa Municipality in the on-going development of the new Deepwater Haifa Port and the cutting edge Life Sciences Park being established at the southern entrance to the city.
Many of these endeavors would not be possible without your generous help and support and on behalf of all the citizens of Haifa we are most grateful and appreciative of your deep commitment to our city.

We look forward to a continuing partnership with all our friends near and far, who have the well being of the city of Haifa in their hearts.

Happy New Year -‘Shana Tova U’Metuka’ – from us all at the Haifa Foundation. 


Where Leisure and Pleasure Come Together: The Newly Renovated Sportech Recreation Park in Honor of Eugene Feiner.

Thanks to the late Eugene Feiner’s generosity the park was established in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood of the city to serve the community by providing an area where sport and leisure activities are enjoyed by people of all ages.

In view of the growth of the Haifa population, the municipality has decided to enlarge and update the “Sportech Recreation Park” to meet the needs of a new generation of sports lovers. The new state-of-the-art complex includes a professional roller-hockey arena where national and international competitions will be held, three basketball courts, a training area, fitness facilities and a 400-meter running track that surrounds the entire complex. There will also be a hockey pitch, playground facilities and a large lawn. The park also includes workout areas, an accessible and regulated complex for large scale cultural events, a cafe and a new decorative lighting system. The park will be secured by a network of state-of-the-art cameras linked to the operational center of the Haifa Municipality and enabling an immediate response by the security patrol to any exceptional event, 24 hours a day.


The Hallisa Neighborhood Is Rejuvenated: The New Clore Community Center

Thanks to the generous support of the Clore Foundation and the Municipality of Haifa the beautifully designed center has opened its doors to the residents of the neighborhood. Headed by the dynamic Bahiya Jubran Kassis, the center provides a safe environment for the residents to enjoy a wide range of cultural and educational activities to bring about change to this run-down neighborhood. This past summer the center was bustling with activities  such as the summer camp for over 120 children and the opening of  the adult “Second Chance Educational Center” where matriculation subjects and computer skills are taught.

Fun and Games at the Sali Playground

Old time residents of Haifa remember the plant nursery of Shaul Sali at the entrance to the Denia Neighborhood on the upper slopes of the Mt. Carmel. Fifteen years ago the Sali Family, in partnership with the Haifa Municipality, turned the property into a playground whose dominant feature was a colorful dinosaur climbing frame. Following a recent donation by Mr. Sali’s son, the playground has been renovated to include
multi-sensorial climbing features and benches made of eco-friendly materials.This renewal project is part of the Haifa Foundation’s invitation to the general public who wish to honor the memory of a loved one by naming features in the city such as benches, squares, scenic lookout point, playgrounds and parks.

The German Connection: Haifa Business Club Moves Forward

Following a very productive trip to Mannheim and Düsseldorf by Mayor Yona Yahav and Haifa Foundation Deputy Head Boaz Hirsch in July, plans are going ahead for the first Haifa Business Club event to be held in Haifa in December 2018. The event will introduce German business people and philanthropists to Haifa’s many investment opportunities and share with them the city’s future plans in the field of high-tech, construction, urban development, sustainable transportation, industry, education and culture.

The Young and the Bright: Haifa Teentech 2018

The Haifa Foundation helped coordinate this outstanding event which was initiated by Liora Kalish and supported by leading members of the academic and high-tech community in Haifa, together with the Haifa Municipality. The goal of Haifa Teentech , which is an annual event, is to expose young technological entrepreneurs to the advantages of the state of Israel and of the city of Haifa as a scientific and technological world center. Young, willing, highly motivated boys and girls that have “what it takes” to confront cutting edge digital technology, took part in this endeavor. The journey to Israel and the participation in the competition was the beginning of an ongoing, intellectual and emotional bond and the 70 participants aged 16-18, from Israel and overseas, were exposed to the very best of minds in Israel, the ones that made it what is known today as the “start-up nation”. The participants were divided into groups that were assigned a mentor and their mission was to generate and promote innovative solutions in safe and healthy living.
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Cherish the Memory of Your Loved Ones in Haifa’s Landscape

Haifa Foundation invites longtime Haifa lovers to commemorate their loved ones or honor those departed, by naming features in the city such as benches, squares, scenic lookout points, playgrounds, parks and buildings. The Haifa Foundation will facilitate the process from planning to completion with all that it entails in order to enable you to capture those special moments and memories for years to come. Leave a mark of your loved ones on the landscape of the city of Haifa.

Your loved ones can become part of the city’s landscape for years to come. For further details please contact Boaz Hirsch Operations Manager at The Haifa Foundation.

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