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Developing an Early Childhood Robotics Program at the Mada Kat

In today’s world, developing a love of science and technology is critical for success in school and in many future careers. The earlier that youngsters are introduced to the world of scientific experimentation, the more likely they are to enjoy and succeed in these fields in the future. Scientific exploration and investigation come naturally to young children. It is their way to examine, question, touch, smell and mold objects to find out how they work.

On this background, Haifa has established Mada Kat – a cluster of three scientific technology kindergartens – in recognition of the importance of nurturing and developing thinking and research skills in early childhood in an science technology environment and the environment of everyday life of the children in order to develop up-to-date learning, which will be the future of the next generation.

We seek to create a similar and parallel track in the field of technology in which the children will be exposed to the planning process and activation of man-made technology using robotics. Robotics is a tool that teaches children about life in an artificial and controlled technological environment. We seek to lead them beyond the understanding of how a device they know works, to insights of what makes it work, what is not working and when it can harm us.