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About us

The Haifa  Foundation us a registered, non-profit organization, established in 1983 by volunteers, Haifa residence and community representatives, that set a goal of improving the quality of life, within our community.

Haifa’s Foundation’s goals are to initiate, organize, build, operate and manage in the city of Haifa, cultural, social health and education, sports, science, charity, literature and workfare ventures alongside with supporting such projects.

The Haifa foundation is a Non-Profit organization and all donations from Israel, USA and Canada, are recognized as such.

The Hifa Foundation operates via a board of trusties, treasury committee, general assembly and tender committee. All of its financial activities are subjected to internal auditing.

The individuals heading the Haifa fund are local leading businessman, Entrepreneurs from different sectors, that share the vision of developing the city and its neighboring communities.

From the day of its establishment, the Hifa Foundation initiated and managed projects over a total budget of 100 million USD.

Amir Nachshon

Operations Manager

The Haifa Foundation