Truly Israeli

Fighting Against Trafficking and Prostitution of Women

While recent legislation has had an impact on the importation of women for trafficking, the problem still exists in many other forms – mail order brides, those who remain enslaved, “camera girls” who are subject to online exploitation, local women who get caught up in prostitution. Isha L’Isha has been at the forefront of this battle and has been instrumental in passing much of the current legislation that protects these women. However there is still much to do.

Their goal is to assist women who are victims of trafficking and prostitution and to advocate for change in the way they are treated in the legal system and society. Recently they have expanded their activities to include women who are on the verge of prostitution by giving them preventive strategies to avoid this fate.

Isha L’Isha works on several fronts – direct assistance to the victims, decision makers, service providers and civil service organizations and the general public. They run public awareness raising lectures, sex client education campaigns and advocacy for legislation as well as direct intervention for victims.