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Fires Blaze Through Haifa Leaving Damage in Their Wake

Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, suffered a tremendous blow this weekend, the third in the last decade. After the Second Lebanon War, in 2006, paralyzed the city for long days and Hezbollah’s missile which destroyed homes and after citizens finished licking their wounds from the Carmel disaster in 2010, Haifa residents will now try to recover from this massive wildfire.

Six schools and kindergartens were burned down. 280 hectares of vegetation burned. 527 apartments that were evacuated continue to be uninhabitable.

The Haifa Foundation is raising funds that will help restore the beautiful city to its previous glory and to and return it to full function. Donations received from the public will be directed at the request of the donors only for projects that they chose to support. Moreover, funds contributed to the Haifa Foundation will not be transferred to the Haifa Municipality but will be paid directly to those who are engaged in the work.

The Haifa Foundation is Haifa and therefore we appeal to you the caring public to donate to the Haifa Foundation to help us rebuild our beloved city which has again suffered a serious blow.
All donations to the Haifa Foundation will be recognized for tax purposes.