Truly Israeli

Jewish Arab Youth Programs at Beit Hagefen

Haifa is proud to be the most multi-cultural city in Israel. Beit Hagefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center is the epitomy of that pride running programs for all ages to encourage the understanding and interaction of the city’s Jewish and Arab residents.

Firm in the belief that youth are the key to a better future, Beit Hagefen runs a variety of youth groups for ages 15-18 that meet weekly. Each grade has a leadership training program which prepares participants to be the future leaders by engaging them in program planning, dialogue, tours and workshops.

Other groups use a variety of methods to enable the interaction and understanding between the two. Friendships formed around common interests have been found to be the most indepth and long lasting. Groups focus on photograhpy, medical clowning, the arts, running and music. A special group for girls focuses on identity and understanding of the other and concludes with a 10 day trip to Switzerland.