Truly Israeli

Jewish Identity in Haifa

In our last Newsletter, we shared with you our dream to build a center for Jewish identity in Haifa. The rationale behind this dream lied in the fact that in recent years it has become clear that most Israelis have little to no exposure to their Jewish cultural heritage and to its values – respect for fellow man, social justice, the environment and humanistic values. At the same time, young people in Israel are struggling with dilemmas related to their ethical world such as questions of identity, family, society and their connection to Israel. Hence, we wanted to address these needs by instituting a new and innovative program in elementary, junior high and high schools in the city, which will give principals, educators, parents and students the tools to answer this need – a program which will increase both the knowledge of and the connection to their Jewish cultural heritage.

We are grateful and proud that the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation donated the necessary funds to allow us to build a unique center that will answer our city and community cultural, ethical, and identity needs.

The location of the Mandel Center will be in a spectacular part of Haifa, with dramatic views to the port and the north. The activities in the Center will focus on Jewish universalism, holidays and life cycle events, cultural development from the time of the Bible until today, poetry and liturgy, connection to Israel and the Jewish people.