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Mayor of Haifa

Dr. Einat Kalisch-Rotem Mayor of HaifaDr. Einat Kalisch-Rotem (born 3 September 1970) is an Israeli architect and the mayor of Haifa. She is the first female mayor of one of the three largest cities in Israel.


Kalisch-Rotem was born, raised and educated in Haifa. She studied at the Alliance Haifa High School and was active in the Student Council. She served in the IDF as a research assessor in the Israel Air Force.

In 1995 completed a bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

In 2001 she completed her master’s degree in urban design with honors from the Technion.

In 2007 completed her doctorate in urban planning at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich.

Kalish has a black belt in karate.

Kalisch-Rotem is married, with two children.


Kalisch-Rotem owned an independent architectural firm that dealt with urban and regional planning. She lectured at the Technion and Tel Aviv University. She won several awards, including a government award from the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2007.

Since 2011 she served as chairperson of the Haifa Architects Association and was a member of the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Public Health.

Public career

In the local elections in 2013, she ran for mayor of Haifa on an independent list with the “Hayim in Haifa” faction.

In the municipal elections 2018, she again ran for mayor, with the support of the Labor Party. In the municipal elections of 2018, she won with 56% of the vote. Her faction, “Hayim in Haifa” (Life, or Living in Haifa) received four mandates. She started her position as Mayor of Haifa in November 2018.