Truly Israeli

Mercaz Lilach in Neve Paz Early Intervention Center for Pre-Schoolers

The population of the Neve Paz neighborhood is largely of Ethiopian descent, of low socio-economic level, with language difficulties in both children and adults, struggling to adjust culturally and fighting to survive economically. With all of these strikes against them, it is often the children who suffer due to lack of awareness and involvement of the parents in the needs of young children to prepare them for the educational system.

Needless to say that this slow start at the beginning of their school careers continues to plaque them throughout the school years and leaves them unable to catch up with their better prepared peers. The time to invest significant resources to address this gap is at the day care and pre-school stage. The staff of the day care centers in Neve Paz have identified a number of difficulties in this population upon their arrival at early education frameworks which they feel can be addressed with early intervention by a multi-disciplinary staff.