Website Accessibility Statement

Haifa Israel Foundation / Website Accessibility Statement

Introduction: The internet is currently the largest repository of information for users, including those with specific limitations. Recognizing this, we prioritize providing equal access to information for people with disabilities, aiming to enhance their browsing experience.

We strive to ensure that our digital services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Substantial resources have been invested to facilitate website usage for people with disabilities, believing that everyone has the right to live in equality, dignity, comfort, and independence.

To fulfill this commitment, we aim to adhere as much as possible to the Israeli Standard recommendations (IS 5568) for web content accessibility at the AA level and the international WCAG2.1 document.

How Does Accessibility Work on the Website? The site features an accessibility menu powered by the website accessibility company, Accessible Click. Clicking the accessibility button opens a menu with various accessibility options. After selecting a topic from the menu, wait for the page to load.

The software operates on popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. The responsibility for website usage and implementation lies with the site owners, including the content presented, subject to software limitations and terms of use.

Accessibility Options in the Menu:

  • Keyboard Navigation – Enable navigation using the keyboard.
  • Screen Reader Adaptation – Adjust the site for assistive technologies such as NVDA, JAWS.
  • Blinking Elements Block – Stop moving elements and block blinking.
  • Font Size Increase to 4 different sizes.
  • Contrast Adjustments – Change site color contrasts.
  • Site Adaptation for Color Blindness.
  • Display Enlargement to 200%.
  • Links Highlight on the Site.
  • Headings Highlight on the Site.
  • Alt Text Display for Images.
  • Accessibility Statement.
  • Submit Accessibility Feedback.
  • Use of Third-Party Components and Websites.

Third-Party Accessibility Policies: When using third-party components or websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and external chats not under our control, challenges in website use by people with disabilities may arise, and we may not be able to rectify them.

Examples of third-party accessibility policies:

Contacting the Accessibility Center: If you encounter accessibility difficulties while browsing the site, our accessibility team is available through various channels for feedback.

Accessibility Center Contact Details:

  • Name: Miri Ben Harush
  • Phone: 04-6305131
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 1 Ha’atzmaut St., Haifa 3303301

Publishing Accessibility Procedures: Publishing the organization’s accessibility procedures, updating them periodically, and adapting them to actual accessibility changes in the company/business.

Accessibility of the Telephone Center: Alternative communication methods for the telephone center (email, fax, SMS, chat).

Employee Training for Accessibility Service: Providing training for employees to offer accessible services.

Information in Accessible Formats: Providing information in accessible formats and accessible publications.

Keren Haifa – Israel’s No Public Reception Policy: If necessary, we will come to you. Contact us to coordinate.

For coordination and clarification, please contact us at: