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Project Mozart – Bringing Music to Haifa’s Weak Populations

The advantages of music education from a young age are wide and varied. Such studies can improve overall education achievements, encourage creative thinking, encourages enhance spatial intelligence, develop the ability to think logically and provide a means of self-expression.

Yet for the residents of Haifa’s lower socio-economic such education is out of their reach financially. The parents of the children of the Hailisa, Neve Yosef and Neve Paz neighborhoods do not have the means to provide their children with expensive private lessons nor the ability to purchase expensive instruments. For many, the idea that such lessons are important to their children’s development is foreign as well.

The Neve Yosef Community Center seeks to fill this gap for children in grades 4-8 with its Mozart in the Community program. All of this will be provided at an extremely discounted cost to make it accessible to all of the students in the neighborhood.