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Pushing the boundaries: disability and inclusion

We copied the headline above from our friend, Ms. Linda Kislowicz, President & CEO of the Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA. In her blog dated September 13, 2017, she writes about the need to “explore the issues facing physically and developmentally challenged individuals in the Jewish Community.” ‘Pushing the Boundaries: Disability, Inclusion and Jewish Community’ is the title of the first such conference in Canada that specifically explores the challenges and opportunities facing the disabled within the Canadian Jewish community.

Like Linda, the Haifa Foundation and the Municipality of Haifa seek to improve access to public facilities with the construction of a Universal Design Park to be located where the Nahal (river) Kishon meets the Mediterranean. The Universal Design amusement park will create a space that is enabling instead of disabling. It will allow all people, no matter what their physical ability, to enjoy the park and to take part in social and communal activity on an equal level. Our park will be open and inclusive to all segments of society enabling them to interact in a way that strengthens the fabric of our multi-cultural city.

Our Universal Design amusement park will be the first of its kind in Israel. In addition to providing a welcoming and inclusive space for all local residents, it will bring visitors from all over the country and abroad. This increase in internal and external tourism will help to advance Haifa’s economy as local businesses benefit from the increased traffic in the area.

The park will include a lake, walking paths, specially designed accessible play equipment, games that can be activated by those who are physically handicapped and more. It will be approachable, accessible, and usable by all, without regard to any physical limitations that may exist.

The site has been approved by and designated as the location for the park by the local authorities. The National Insurance Institute has committed to provide 33% of the cost of the park. Now all that is missing is YOU.