Truly Israeli

The Clore Community Center in Hallisa is open!

Halissa is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Haifa. Most of its 4000 residents are of Arab descent, both Muslim and Christian, as well as new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. The infrastructure of the neighborhood is severely neglected and it is in a very deteriorated state. This rundown atmosphere combined with the lack of public spaces in which to have any activities, no playgrounds for the children and no green areas, have caused a sense of low self-worth among the residents. All that is about to change.

After two years of hard work, with the su

pport of the Clore Foundation and the Municipality of Haifa, the Clore Community Center in Halissa is buzzed with energy and the sound of children joy is heard throughout. The Clore Community Center, the most beautiful community center in Haifa, will affect change in the neighborhood and make it a better place to live, an agent for cultural activity and a focal point for community life with the outcome that the residents will be proud of their neighborhood. After fifteen years of dreaming about a community center, the Clore Center is not a dream, but rather an invigorating reality. Thanks to the Clore Foundation, the brand-new facility will bring a much-needed change to the wonderful residents of this neighborhood. The Municipality of Haifa will add to the community center a large outdoor playground and an athletic center.