Truly Israeli

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s needs and issues are often ignored in society. This can lead to inequality in the workplace, violence against women, legistlation that ignores their needs. Isha L’Isha is the oldest grassroots organization in Israel dealing with women’s issues. They run a wide range of programs and support groups to educate women and help them develop the skills to be leaders in their communities, view issues through a gender lens and achieve economic security.

Isha L’Isha’s vision is a society where all women – regardless of religion, ethnicity, or cultural background, or physical ability – enjoy equal rights in all fields including economic, social and political, a society without gender-based violence, a society where women’s voices are heard and in which women have full and equal access to services and resources.

Their mission is to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls and to promote peace, security and socio-economic justice from a feminist perspective by education, research dissemination of knowledge, advancing legislation and public events.